Lifestyle family portrait-The Graff Family-Chicago Family Portrait

Over the weekend I did a family portrait for Halli and her family. As her birthday gift, her husband Nathan agreed to drive their family all the way to Chicago from Minneapolis to do their family portrait with me. She found out about me through Amy and Conrad, and I cannot thank all of my clients for spreading words about my work. I was truly flattered by their gesture and had an awesome time hanging out with them in the city. It was Memorial Day weekend and with the Chicago Black Hawks playing for the Stanley Cup, traffic was terrible. We made it to the city safe and sound. After hanging out by the Art Institute of Chicago, we went to the lake front for a change of scenery. Their  youngest son Carter was a child model and his dimples make me melt. I wanted to take him home with me. At the end of the session they treated me out to a nice dinner at one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants, Tank for some delicious pho in Uptown. Thanks again guys for such a wonderful afternoon!

Michael and El’s “domestic bliss” engagement session

This past weekend I had an amazing opportunity to photograph Mike and El’s engagement session. If she looked familiar, it’s because I covered Ed, her twin’s sister’s wedding (my very first wedding) with my talented friend Marc of Marc Edwards Photography a couple of years ago. Everything about El is anything but conventional so I was thrilled when she and Mike agreed try out my ideas for their e-session. Partly inspired by the fashion editorials in fashion magazines, I thought it would be fun to start their engagement session with a theme call, “domestic bliss” because they are already living together. They are one of the most laid back couple I’ve ever worked with, so I wanted to capture them doing the things that they are already doing since El claimed that she and Mike are awkward in front of the camera. I hardly noticed as you can see here through their photos, they looked so natural. El is  an amazingly gifted graphic designer and currently got promoted to an art director position by her company. She’s designed L.O.V.E’s newsletters for the past couple of years now and I am so blessed to have her on my team. Mike is in the information system field and is constantly on his iPhone or computer. While El works, he cleans and while he works, she plays. Special thanks to Emily, Ronan, their parents, my nephew Sith for being such an awesome assistant and of  course El and Mike for inviting me into their lives. I love so many photos from this session. It was very difficult to decide which ones to remove and which ones to keep for the blog, so here’s what I have from their session. The unconditional love and mutual respect that they have for one another is quite evident. I look forward to documenting their wedding within the next few weeks.

in the midst of restructuring my blog…

Hello everyone. First of all I want to apologize for my blog’s messy layout. I’m currently transitioning from my old blog to my new blog. I am changing the layouts of my older posts starting with Amy and Conrad’s wedding. I hope to have my blog’s layout done within the next few weeks. I can’t wait to have this blog look as I have envisioned it. In the mean time, here’s  my newest self portrait. As many of you know I got into photography by photographing myself. It’s been an amazing journey of discovery through self expression and I cannot imagine my life being any different than the current life I’m living. I thank you for your support and for your visits.

With all Sincerity,


Samantha Photography is on the search for 2 senior reps from the class of 2011!!!

Hello all you fabulous soon-to-be senior high school students! I’m starting a new  tradition with Samantha Photography and that tradition is starting today! I’m looking for 2 senior high school spokesmodels (one lucky young man, one very lucky young lady (you’ll get free makeup done). Besides getting a free photo session, you’ll be getting other amazing benefits as well! Email me snapshots of you in your most stylish outfits to or post them on Samantha Photography’s fan page in Facebook! I look forward to seeing nothing but amazingly, stylish snapshots of you!!! Good luck everyone!…….and don’t forget to respond to the questions! It’s very important.

Special thanks to my amazingly talented friend Fernando Medina of Fernando Creative for the amazing promo card design and my lovely niece Sarah for being such an awesome model.

another addition to our family…

My sister and brother-in-law welcomed their first child earlier last week. He is just too adorable for words, but we are all blessed to have little ones running around the house on weekends it’s always a commotion of laughter and joy. Here are some of the photos I took over the weekend along with my own birth announcement template that I designed. Photographing a new born is tough. It’s an all day event to just get a a handful of these shots.

M o r e   i n f o