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Eric-West Aurora High School Senior Portrait-Chicago, IL

This was probably one of the funnest senior portrait sessions I did with my clients. This is Eric and I think he is amazingly sweet, smart and very down to earth. After college I asked him where he would like to live. He said somewhere out in the country with a huge piece of land...

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megan’s prom-aurora christian high school

I know I am going backwards with my blog. I realize that I cannot blog all of my sessions due to the lack of time, but I just have to post this session from last spring’s prom. They are such a cute couple and it made me wish that I can go to prom as...

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what to wear for a fall photo shoot

I know I should be blogging all the weddings and senior portraits that I am behind on, but those will come later when I have more breathing room. In the mean time,while trying to help my sisters figuring out how to dress their children for their family portrait session that I am taking for them...

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Evan’s Story-Finding Evan’s Heart-Guest Post Part 2-2

As promised we have a guest post today. This is Megan, Evan’s amazing mother. We’ve only spoken on the phone once and corresponded through emails a few days before I met her and Evan. As soon as she walked into Evan’s hospital room, I felt as if I’ve known her forever and couldn’t help myself...

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Samantha Photography & LOVE_LensOfVision&Expression blogged by Smile & Say Hello

In the midwest here we are snowed- in today. I just want to share with you that I’ve been blogged by two of the most people beautiful people  I have the honor of befriending and photographed their weddings. Please stop by their blog Smile & Say Hello and do exactly just that:) I poured my...

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